Author Website Tech: Checklist #1

Now is the time to do a check of your site to make sure you’ve covered everything!
If you feel like you’re lacking in some area, then click on the link and re-read the appropriate post.
Or go back to the Table of Contents to review material.

General Good Practices for a Website

  1. In 3 seconds, can a reader figure out where they are and what they can do here?
  2. Is there a search box on every page so readers can find what they need?
  3. Is the site attractive, easy to read–a clean usable design?
  4. Do you use great titles on your posts so they will be found by search engines?
  5. Does every page have a Call to Action?
  6. Are your social media links easy to spot and use on every page?
  7. Have you clicked on every link to make sure they work?
  8. Did you include a way for people to contact you through a form or by email?
  9. Are you tracking statistics for your site?
  10. Did you include a privacy page? Are you COPPA Compliant?
  11. Author Website Checklist: Fiction Notes blog. 28 Days to a Fantastic Author Website.

    What readers want from the Codex study

    Remember that you have choices about which page will hold this info. Where did you put these things that readers want?

  12. Is your ABOUT page interesting and fun, yet informative?
  13. Did you include a downloadable bibliography and/or biography?
  14. Have you provided exclusive writing only published on your website?
  15. Is your Author schedule listed and UP TO DATE?
  16. Are you letting readers know something about your literary tastes?
  17. Have you provided any freebies or bling for your fans?
  18. Do you have a newsletter or someway for fans to connect and stay connected?
  19. Did you include any of these: contests, puzzles, and games, with prizes like autographed copies of books?
  20. Are you providing a way for readers to buy your books, either on your site or through a link to an online bookseller?
  21. If you have series, do you provide a list that explains the order for reading that series?
  22. Are your recent books on the Home page, or easy to find?
  23. PET PEEVES: Why Readers Hate an Author’s Website has a great post on the Top Ten Peeves From Booksellers and Readers about Author Websites. I’ve summarized the list, but you should read the whole article. Insightful.

  24. No printable list of your books.
  25. No ISBNs.
  26. Series not identified and books not put into a series list.
  27. No contact author on front page
  28. Having to hunt for most recent releases.
  29. No list of future releases.
  30. No list of awards.
  31. No links to order.
  32. Not friendly.
  33. Nothing to bring the reader back.

How are you doing? Is your website stacking up? What’s the hardest/easiest thing you’ve done on your site this month? What would you add to this checklist?

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  1. Great list… though when I tried to share it, the preview image was a 404: Not Found, haha. I still shared it with my writer group, but thought you should know. :)

  2. *What’s the hardest/easiest thing you’ve done on your site this month?*

    One of the major things I learned this month, was to make sure all my links open in another window (rather than redirect readers away from my website).

    Its such a simple thing (using wordpress), but it makes a major difference to the amount of time a visitor will spend on your website.

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