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Author Website Series: Table of Contents

Author Website Series: Why, When, How, How-to, What

This month-long series of blog posts will explain author websites and offer tips and writing strategies for an effective author website. It alternates between a day of technical information and a day of writing content. By the end of the month, you should have a basic author website up and functioning. The Table of Contents lists the topics, but individual posts will not go live until the date listed. The Author Website Resource Page offers links to tools, services, software and more.

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Please do not click a link until the date listed, or you’ll get an error message!


THEORY – The Why, When and How of an Author Website

TECHNICAL – The Specific How-tos of an Author Website

CONTENT – The What of an Author Website, What Goes on an Author Website, Writing the Content for Your Website

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  15. Hi Darcy…sorry I’ve been MIA so long…how could I forget your website is always a go-to place for great info. This series couldn’t have come at a better time…I need to do major overhauling on my blogsite…I know this will help! Thank you so much. ;)

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