Quotable: Using Quotes as Marketing Material

Quotes on the internet are an interesting thing. A year or so ago, I wrote a post called, “32 Quotes To Make Writers Weep, Cry, Laugh, Shout, or Jump for Joy.” I wanted something to share on social media about my video course, “30 Days to a Stronger Novel.” I did 32 quotes because they are also included in the video course.

The function of the first draft. . . | quote from Darcy Pattison
This quote originally appeared in 2015, and is now out in the wild!

Using Quotes to Market Your Book

I started thinking about these quotes. First, they are out in the wild and the above image appears randomly on social media. It’s amazing how it comes back and comes back. In other words, it keeps on working for you long after you’ve released it. On Pinterest, such an image can have a life measured in years.

You’ll see that I made one huge mistake on the image. There’s no website listed to send people to look for more info.

A second thing started me thinking about quote as marketable material, and that’s Goodreads. I stumbled across their quotes feature by accident. For example, look at the quotes from the Newbery book, The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate. Although it’s a relatively short book, there are 30 quotes. Read how to add your favorite quotes on GoodReads.

So, I’m asking myself: in my novel, did I write something quote-worthy?
Would anyone take the time to quote from my book on Goodreads?

Maybe, I could help them along!
My secret weapon is Canva.com, the site which lets you create images of all sorts. I love that they have templates in the correct sizes for different social platforms. Many image elements are free and you can upload your own images. When you need to purchase an image, it’s only $1. The price is right; the templates are awesome.

So, here’s a couple that I created for forthcoming books.
These quotes come from the back matter of my forthcoming picture book, The Nantucket Sea Monster: A Fake News Story.
FAKE NEWS: The Challenges of Teaching Free Press | DarcyPattison.com

And this quote comes from my forthcoming novel, Sleepers, Book 1, the Blue Planets World series.
Life is a risk. I choose life. | MimsHouse.com/books/sleepers

The nice thing about using quote-images is that it’s zero cost, it lasts a long time, it’s a gift to your audience because the quote means something even out of context, and it gives your readers talking points so word of mouth is more likely.

Creating Your Own Quotes

  • Make sure you write something quotable.
  • Choose several quotes, instead of just one. The more, the merrier.
  • Use Canva.com or a similar service to create striking images. Keep it clean and simple. Make sure the fonts are easy to read.
  • Make sure you include a website URL on the image.
  • Share on your favorite social media platform and ask friends to SHARE, RETWEET, LIKE, etc. Refrain from saying much more about the book. Instead, let the quote do its work.
  • Work on your next book, making it even more quotable.

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