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  • eBook Distribution: Wide or Exclusive for Children’s and YA authors?

    In the indie book world, the debate still rages over ebook distribution: should I go wide or go exclusive with KU? KU is the Kindle Select program from Amazon which allows access to certain marketing tools in return for exclusivity. Should Children/YA Authors Go Wide or Exclusive with KU? I’ve been studying the issue and […]

  • Quotable: Using Quotes as Marketing Material

    Quotes on the internet are an interesting thing. A year or so ago, I wrote a post called, “32 Quotes To Make Writers Weep, Cry, Laugh, Shout, or Jump for Joy.” I wanted something to share on social media about my video course, “30 Days to a Stronger Novel.” I did 32 quotes because they […]

  • School Visits: Readers, Readers, and More Readers!

    School Visits: Readers, Readers, and More Readers!

    Want readers? Do school visits. Pro: During a school visit, you’ll reach hundreds of readers at one time. Schools provide a captive audience of the right age/grade. What’s not to love? Con: It’s public speaking. But your audience is only kids. Really. If you screw up, they won’t remember the next day. This is the […]

  • 5 AMAZING Reasons to Write a Short Story: Develop and Market Your Novel

    I’m working on a trilogy of science fiction stories and they began with a short story. A couple years ago, in preparation for attending a conference, I wrote a sff short story. It was accepted for publication in a Fiction River anthology and became my first ever fiction publication for adults. But I knew even […]

  • Preview Widget: Amazon Book Marketing Tool

    Amazon is now providing a new twist on book marketing with an embeddable widget that allows a preview. Word is that it looks great on mobile or desktop. And Wow, is it easy to implement! Here’s an example of how it looks for a picture book. And an example of how it looks for a […]

  • Author Website: Getting Started

    One of the more popular series I’ve written is 30 Days to a Stronger Author Website. It breaks the process of creating an author website and blog into a series of daily tasks. Theory covers the WHY, WHEN, and HOW. Technical aspects are covered in depth. More important, it gives solid reasons for WHAT, or […]