Preview Widget: Amazon Book Marketing Tool

Amazon is now providing a new twist on book marketing with an embeddable widget that allows a preview. Word is that it looks great on mobile or desktop. And Wow, is it easy to implement!

Here’s an example of how it looks for a picture book.

And an example of how it looks for a novel. It allows you to read a couple chapters before you decide if you want to buy or not.

Want your own widget? Here’s Amazon’s simple 1-2-3 step process to put such a widget on your website. The screenshots make it easy. Are you an Amazon affiliate? If you embed the code on your website, the widget allows you to add your affiliate id number. This is a slick, dead-simple promotional tool!

I did try it for my forthcoming book, BURN: MICHAEL FARADAY’S CANDLE, which is now available for preorder. Unfortunately, the widget wasn’t available for it. I also tried adding the link to Facebook, but that didn’t work either.

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  1. Darcy,
    Would you consider putting up a first page or other sample from BURN? I think readers would like to read a sample. Hopefully, the widget will be available for it soon–maybe after its release. You amaze me with all that you accomplish. Thank you for sharing writing and marketing tips with others!

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