30 Days to a Stronger Novel

Write a Stronger Novel

You’re writing a novel, a fictional story, that runs a rather long length. What’s the difference between a novel manuscript that sells and one that doesn’t? Details.

30 ONE-MINUTE Tips for strengthening your novel

Chapter Divisions
Character Names
Stronger Settings
Stronger Setting Details
Characters That Count
Take Your Character’s Pulse
Connecting Emotional and Narrative Arcs
Unique Character Dialogue
Character Description
Begin at the Beginning
Scene Cuts
Take a Break
Power Abs for Novels
Angel Moments in Your Novel
Powerful Endings
Tie Up Loose Ends
Find Your Theme
Theme Affects Setting
Theme Affects Characters and Actions
Choosing Subplots
Knitting Subplots Together
Stay the Course
Revise Again
The End
The New Beginning

Learn to Revise Your Novel with Darcy Pattison
Learn to Revise Your Novel with Darcy Pattison

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  1. Wow, so much content, thank you for all these tips. I’m to read everything and then get to work fixing my story. Awesome,I love sites that have lots of tips instead of jut 2-3 paragraphs that is just one tip that’s dragged out, repeating it self., this is definitely getting bookmarked. Thank you for sharing.<3

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