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It’s easy to write a chapter of a novel. But it’s hard to carry a story across 50,000 or 100,000 words. One of the biggest problems is holding the entire structure in your mind at a time. In other words, it’s hard to see and evaluate the overall structure of the novel. You get lost in the stands of trees and can’t see the forest. What you need is a drone.

Drones allow viewers to place a camera in the air above the forest. From that vantage, you can see the edges of the forest, the paths, the clearings, the stand of evergreens, and the stand of willows near the creek. Aerial views of a landscape allow the viewer to distinguish features that are difficult to fathom while on the ground.

A Crucial View of Your Manuscript

Novelists also need that aerial view of their manuscript. And technology allows us to do just that.

On May 11, I’ll be doing a webinar for the Montana SCBWI called, “A Drone’s-Eye-View of Your Manuscript.” We’ll use technology to help you see the structure of your novel. If you’ve used my Shrunken Manuscript technique before, this is an updated version.

Do the important plot points fall at approximately the right places?
Have you skipped something important in the narrative arc?
Are your chapters in order?

Other techniques for looking at the overall structure of your story will include:

  • Alternate ways to monitor plot
  • Keeping a pulse on the emotions and emotional arc
  • Using a spreadsheet to track your story’s timeline
  • And much more

Join Us for the Webinar:
A Drone’s-Eye-View of Your Manuscript

Date: Thursday, May 11, 2017
Time: 6:00 – 7:30 p.m. Mountain Daylight Time
Registration: $15

Click Here to Register

Learn to see the overall structure of your novel with simple tools. Author and writing teacher Darcy Pattison helps you confirm that the major plot points fall in the right places and events lead to a dramatic climax. A single chapter is easy to write. But to make a novel work, you must sequence the chapters in the right order and with the right events to make reader refuse to put the book down. Come and learn simple exercises to help you see your novel from a drone’s eye view.

Register at the SCBWI Montana Website.
A few days before the event, you will receive an email with login details.
The webinar will be recorded and available for registrants to view anytime for two weeks after the event.

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