Unique Book Marketing for Only $5

Do you have a new book coming out and you’re dying to try a book trailer, but you can’t really afford it? Here’s a great option.

If you can’t see this video, click here.

This video was created by MadMoo at Fiverr.com At Fiverr, people post an offer to do something for just $5. For promotion purposes, this is fantastic. You might get a video of someone eating fire, then yelling that they love your book. Perhaps your book is about gymnastics; there’s someone one fiverr.com, I am sure, who would do a video of themselves performing a round-off back handspring, then yelling out your book title. You want weird, wonderful, beautiful, off-beat? Fiverr has it.

The price is right. $5.
Of course, that’s the base price for a limited, carefully defined product. And there are add-ons possible for everything and of course, the Fiverr person wants you to add-on, so they make more money. In most cases, it will be money well-spent. Gee. Maybe you have to spend $20 on a video.

In this case, the video came without music, but I popped it into FinalCutPro, an Apple program and added a public domain piece of music for fun. MadMoo would have added video as an add-on, if I had preferred.

SPECIFICS: I used MadMoo on Fiverr.com, ordering the Stop Motion 10-second video. Instead, I got back a great 30-second video in a format that I specially requested. It came back within 24 hours. Will I order from MadMoo again? Of course. I especially like the Stop Motion videos where a hand is writing something out. (Note: I am not an affiliate with Fiverr and not associated with MadMoo, except as a satisfied customer.)

Is this the perfect promotional tool for everything. Of course, not. But it’s a fun way to get interesting video. I uploaded this to my YouTube channel and will use it as an intro to the channel and will post it around on my website. Once it’s on YouTube, it’s easy to embed into any website, especially a WordPress blog like this one.

Here are five ideas for using a video from Fiverr.com.

Be aware that some of the offers are indeed very strange and may include adult content. But go and have fun browsing the crazy offers. If you use something from Fiverr, let me know! I want to see it.

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