Selling Ebooks: Hard Data and Daily Deals

Selling ebooks is as hard as selling a print book and the biggest problem is “discoverability,” the new buzz word these days. Even once a reader discovers your book, how much should you charge? Mark Stoker, head of Smashwords, a service that distributes ebooks, has done some hard statistics and lets the data speak for itself. Watch this slideshare and see what data makes the most difference to what you are currently doing.

Also provocative is Julie Bosman’s recent NYTimes article about the impact of a “daily deal” to get your ebook noticed and catapult it to the top of the charts. Last year, I heard ebook developers talk about turning Dr. Seuss books into ebooks. They said they put everything into the launch date, hoping and expecting the new release to hit the number one spot in the iBook store and Kindle store. It MUST hit that spot, they said, in order to sell well.

What other strategies are working for your ebooks?

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  1. I am getting closer and closer to epublishing, so found this information very useful. Thanks for the link to the Daily Deals article.

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