30 Days to Stronger Scenes Series: TOC

What has the most potential for improving your writing? Learning to write a strong scene; then making sure every scene in your story is strong. It’s not mandatory—there are good books written without strong scenes—but I find that beginning to intermediate writers are more likely to succeed with a strong scene structure. Fiction Notes works to help you write stronger, better stories that will result in a contract! Here are 30 posts about writing stronger scenes.

30 Days to Stronger Scenes

SCENE 1: What has the Most Potential for Improving Your Writing?

SCENE 2: Elements of a Scene

SCENE 3: Scene v. Narrative

SCENE 4: Plan a Scene

SCENE 5: Beat Sheets

SCENE 6: Keeping Scenes on Track

SCENE 7: Showdown in Every Scene

SCENE 8: List of Possible Scenes

SCENE 9: Scene List v. Synopsis

SCENE 10: Plotting with Scenes

SCENE 11: Scene Cuts

SCENE 12: Avoid 5 Plotting Mistakes by Using Scenes

SCENE 13: Not Worthy of a Full Scene

SCENE 14: Omit a Scene

SCENE 15: How to Salvage a Scene

SCENE 16: Aiming for Bull’s Eye

SCENE 17: KaBlam! Dynamite Scenes

SCENE 18: Special Scenes: Flashback Scenes

SCENE 19: Special Scenes: Openings

SCENE 20: Special Scenes: Big Scenes

SCENE 21: Special Scenes: Set up big Scenes

SCENE 22: Special Scenes: Climax

SCENE 23: Special Scenes: Final Scenes

SCENE 24: Stories that Spaghetti

SCENE 25: 10 Scene Problems Solved

SCENE 26: All Dialogue Scenes

SCENE 27: Love Scenes

SCENE 28: Scene Length

SCENE 29: Dear-Editor Talks about Scenes

SCENE 30: Scene Checklist

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