New Life for OP Novels?

New Life as an E-Book?

The Wayfinder by Darcy Pattison

When a novel goes out of print, it’s sad. There are many what-ifs: What if the publisher had done thus and so? A different cover? A different promotion? What if I had done thus and so? More promotion?

In the end, novels run their course. Or do they? In today’s digital world, is it possible for a novel to “find its audience” in a different way? Maybe. Maybe this time, you’ll actually DO the thus and so that will make a difference?

I’m going to find out. The Wayfinder went OP, but is now available as an ebook!

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Now an EBook
Now an EBook
In the teen fantasy novel, The Wayfinder, Eleven-year-old Win, an apprentice Finder, must go into the mysterious Great Rift to find the Well of Life, the only hope of healing the Heartland of plague and freeing himself from grief.

Why I Love This Book

Setting. This fantasy creates a world set on the edge of a Great Rift. I asked myself questions: given this setting, what stories would parents tell their children? what dangers are specific to this setting? what could NOT take place in this setting?

Theme. The story is written as a hero’s quest, but is overlaid with the stages of grief. I was afraid that this “skeleton” would be too overt, but kids tell me they didn’t notice it. Instead, it’s a great adventure with the danger of climbing cliffs, facing a blazing grass fire, escaping a wolf pack and more. The theme is still there, but the adventure reigns.

My First. The Wayfinder was my first novel to be published and for that reason alone, I love it.

Reviews of The Wayfinder

Booklist Review

Winchal Eldras is an apprentice Wayfinder, a member of an elite group of people who can locate anything or anyone. When Win’s little sister slips out of the house one foggy night, he tracks her to the edge of the Great Rift, where his fear of heights causes him to freeze, and she falls to her death. Bereft, Win retreats into himself. Then a prince of the Heartland arrives with news of a rapidly spreading plague and taps Win to journey through the Rift to find the Well of Life, whose waters are the only cure. With resignation, Win begins the arduous trek, joined by Lady Kala, a royal gazehound with her own special powers. The pair winds its way past a giant eagle, a deadly crocodile, a venomous tatzelwurm, and other dangers. The relationship between the haughty dog and the boy is handled well, growing from mutual abrasiveness to bonding. The plot is simple, but the adventures will keep readers turning the pages. –Sally Estes. Booklist

Locus Magazine Review

“In this YA fantasy, a boy with special talents has to face the thing he fears most in order to find a cure for a plague that threatens his home and kingdom. This basic boy-comes-of-age quest is nicely fleshed out with details of the people and their world. Winchal has the Wayfinders talent that lets him find things, including his way in the dense fog that frequently blankets his town–a talent so useful it has its own guild. Winchal is a promising apprentice, but is terrified of heights, and is stunned to be chosen to go on a quest into the nearby Rift, with only a telepathic dog–an imperious breed owned only by royalty–for a companion. His adventures follow familiar formulas, but have a charm of their own, for a very promising first novel that holds hints of being only the first in a series.” Carolyn Cushman, 15/2000. Locus Magazine.

The Wayfinder: A Teen Fantasy Book Trailer

And, of course, here’s my book trailer for the eBook.

Resources for The Wayfinder

  • Accelerated Reader Test–Reading Level 5.2, 7 points
  • Scholastics Reading Counts! Quiz
  • Interest Level: 6 – 8
  • Grade Level Equivalent: 5.3
  • Lexile® measure: 670L

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