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  • Cloak, Cape or Hood: Writing Consistent Fiction

    In this January 6, 2013 NPR interview, John Sandys talks about inconsistencies in movies that were released in 2012: Well, I think ’cause “Men in Black 3” travels back and forth in time, it means you’ve got a whole host of factual mistakes as well, which it opens itself up to. One which jumped at […]

  • Adding Emotional Depth: Video

    Adding emotional depth to a novel is important enough to warrant a special pass through the manuscript. This video talks about how I did that on a recent mss. If you can’t see this video, click here. This is an experiment with doing a video to explain something about writing and revising. Please comment and […]

  • Print, Re-Read, Repeat: Iterations of Revision

    Revisions are a circle. I print out a manuscript and read it while marking up edits and revisions. I go back to the computer and make corrections and changes. Then Print, Re-Read, Repeat. The number of iterations depends on where I started and where I want to go, but the process remains the same. I […]

  • 4 Worst Sentence Constructions

    When writing a novel, picture book or other story, there are sentence constructions you should avoid and revise out when you copyedit. Here’s my top 5 list of the Worst Sentence Constructions. Would Example: We would take walks daily. We would start at our house and we would go toward the lake and then we […]

  • 30 Days to Stronger Scenes Series: TOC

    30 Days to Stronger Scenes Series: TOC

    What has the most potential for improving your writing? Learning to write a strong scene; then making sure every scene in your story is strong. It’s not mandatory—there are good books written without strong scenes—but I find that beginning to intermediate writers are more likely to succeed with a strong scene structure. Fiction Notes works […]

  • SCENE 17: KaBlam! Dynamite Scenes

    Top 5 Tips for Dynamite Scenes Guest Post By Roz Morris 30 Days to a Stronger Scene Table of Contents Have you got a scene that’s looking lifeless? Here’s how I pep it up. Have something change. No scene should ever go as the reader expects. If you have a character set out to buy […]