Scene Quiz: Harvard Bar Scene


Scene Quiz: From a Harvard Bar to Your Scenes

Yesterday, we talked about what you’d find if you dissected a good scene. Today, we’ll apply this information by studying a scene from the classic movie, Good Will Hunting. (Warning: Adult language) Then, you can apply it to your own scenes.

Watch this four minute scene (If it’s not showing above, you can see it here: and identify the following:

  1. What happens in the beginning phase?
  2. What happens in the middle phase?
  3. What is the turning point or focal point of the story?
  4. How does the scene end? In a disaster (tragedy), in success, or somewhere in between? At the end, what has changed for each character?
  5. What is the setting for this scene? Why is this an appropriate scene for the action that happens?
  6. What is the underlying emotions of this scene, the pulse, as Sandra Scofield calls it?
  7. List at least 3 reasons why this is a necessary scene for this story.
  8. What else do you notice about scenes by studying this film clip?

Repeat this analysis for each of the scenes in your novel.
If you want confirmation of your answers, or want to discuss the analysis, please leave a comment.

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  • Beverly Patt
    November 2, 2010

    Not only did I love this movie, I really got a lot out of dissecting this scene. Keep ’em coming;)