iPad and Captain Underpants

iPad’s Page Flips Excite Captain Underpants Fans

So, you’re hearing all about the new iPad this week, Apple’s new eBook reader. But for those who write children’s books, there’s one unique thing about this ereader.

flipbookPage flips. Oh, yes–watch this 54 second video; about halfway through, you’ll see the page flips.

I’m excited! The Flip-o-rama in Captain Underpants will still work fine. The controls aren’t quite good enough to do a full flip book, but that ax-chopping in Captain will still delight your child. (Too bad they didn’t choose to use the Captain when they presented the iPad for the first time – that would have been fun.)

Standard format. I’m also pleased to see that the iPad uses the ePub standard for books, not some proprietary format like the Kindle. That’s a big plus and we’ll all benefit. Someone will soon create an iPad app to read pdf files and that will be a big plus for many books, too.

Good job, Apple!

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