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  • An Incredible Signature: Thanks, Marcia and Sergio!

    As writers, we put our books out into the world, and they take on a life of their own, apart from us. But sometimes, we get an echo back about what the book is doing, who is reading it and how they are affected. This week, I had one of those incredible, amazing and powerful […]

  • Book Affiliates: ITunes Changes Partner

    Book Affiliates: ITunes Changes Partner

    In August, iTunes changed affiliate partners to PHG, which means that if you want to provide affiliate links for people to buy your books in the iBookstore, you had to change all your links. Updating has been a breeze and it makes book marketing more efficient. First, why add links to your website, blog or […]

  • Selling Ebooks: Hard Data and Daily Deals

    Selling ebooks is as hard as selling a print book and the biggest problem is “discoverability,” the new buzz word these days. Even once a reader discovers your book, how much should you charge? Mark Stoker, head of Smashwords, a service that distributes ebooks, has done some hard statistics and lets the data speak for […]

  • Only 7% of Children’s Books are Authored by Persons of Color

    Children’s Picture Book Award: New Voices Award While the population of the United States is skewing toward more and more “persons of color,” the publishing world has yet to catch up. In a press release, Lee & Low publishers say that less than 7% of children’s books published are by persons of color. To help […]

  • Give a Military Family a Free Children’s Book for Veteran’s Day

    In celebration of National Picture Book Month and Veteran’s Day: Give a Military Family a Free Book In celebration of National Picture Book Month and Veteran’s Day and to honor of our military families, download and give a free children’s picture book to a military family. THE STORY: “11 Ways to Ruin a Photograph” When […]

  • 5 Picture Book Editors and 1 Art Director

    Hello, from Lake George in the Adirondacks. There are white caps on the blue lake, nestled amidst fading fall colors. This weekend, 35 children’s picture book writers gathered on the shore to schmooze, learn, talk, gossip, and passionately discuss the art and craft of writing a 32-page children’s picture book. Thanks Nancy Castaldo, Regional Advisor […]