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  • Do You Make This Basic Story Mistake?

    When Stories Start to Go Wrong! Here are some descriptions of manuscripts. Read them and figure out what’s wrong: 6000 word, ABC book 13,000 word middle grade 250,000 YA/teen novel 2000 word YA poetry book 4000 word picture book Match Audience with Length and Format of Your Story In each of these cases, the format, […]

  • Scene Quiz: Harvard Bar Scene

    Scene Quiz: From a Harvard Bar to Your Scenes Yesterday, we talked about what you’d find if you dissected a good scene. Today, we’ll apply this information by studying a scene from the classic movie, Good Will Hunting. (Warning: Adult language) Then, you can apply it to your own scenes.

  • Dissect a Scene

    Anatomy of a Scene If you dissect a scene, what do you find? Sandra Scofield, in The Scene Book: A Primer for the Fiction Writer lays out a simple, yet insightful discussion of this concept and it’s usefulness to a novelist. Here are the basics of a scene: Event and Emotion: Something happens and