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  • The New Facebook Page for Authors

    Today, everyone should be rolled over to Facebook’s new Page features. Why should authors care? Because it gives us new ways to interact with each other and with our readers. LIKE my Facebook Page: I know there are neat, nifty little buttons you can put here so you can LIKE my Page without going there. […]

  • Does Social Media Sell Books? PR Notes

    Getting Your Book Noticed Should You Social Media? Yes! No! As authors, we want to know if all this effort on FaceBook and Fan Pages and Tweets and all the other social media helps or not! Here’s a sideways answer. In a December 2010 survey of major retailers sites, 10,000 shoppers surveyed reported being influenced […]

  • Secrets of Facebook: PR Notes

    Help! I Can’t Find Any Help on Facebook Of course, you know by now that for author promotion, you should be on Facebook. But frankly, I find it to be confusing. Yes, I easily figured out how to sign on and create an account. I figured out how to upload pictures and how to post […]

  • Good Reads Book Giveaways

    Guest Post by Joelle Anthony Here you go. http://www.goodreads.com/giveaway/show/5228-restoring-harmony Giveaway on GoodReads.com Last week, we talked about book giveaways in general. Today, we have a case study on book giveaways on Goodreads.com. Thanks to Joelle Anthony for this guest post. On Your Site OR On GoodReads? Book giveaways have become a great way for authors […]

  • Book Giveaway Contests

  • Random Acts

    WHAT: Random Acts of Publicity 2010 WHEN: September 7-10 Last year, I declared the week after Labor Day, as Random Acts of Publicity Week. It’s coming back this year on September 7-10. Here’s a quick summary from last year and we’ll update it with lots of fun this year! Random Acts of Publicity 2010 Are […]