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  • Publicity tips

    Publicity: Top 5 Things Every Author Should Do When a New Book Comes Out This guest post is by Barbara Fisch & Sarah Shealy, Co-owners, Blue Slip Media, a children’s book publicity and marketing agency www.BlueSlipMedia.com Current Contact List. Publicists at the major publishing houses are overworked and underpaid–they will welcome anything you can do […]

  • Between Projects

    I am between projects. I don’t have a WIP. No work in progress and not sure what to do next? One novel is being read by friends and it may have a major flaw that will mean gutting part of it. We’ll see. Another novel is making its way into the publishing world. We’ll have […]

  • Prioritize

    What Do Writers Do All Day? I’m just back from Illinois where last weekend, I taught a Novel Revision retreat to a fantastic group of writers. One of the humorous things that happened: One writer had a chapter in which a character wrote about a condominium, but the character couldn’t spell, so wrote, “. . […]