Category: PR Notes

  • Pubicity Romp with Katie Davis

    Do you get twitchy at the thought of Twitter? Do mailing lists make you want to write an angry letter to the editor? Do QR codes sound like French to you? Let Katie Davis sort out all the ins and outs of publicity for you. In her new book, How to Promote Your Children’s Book, […]

  • The New Facebook Page for Authors

    Today, everyone should be rolled over to Facebook’s new Page features. Why should authors care? Because it gives us new ways to interact with each other and with our readers. LIKE my Facebook Page: I know there are neat, nifty little buttons you can put here so you can LIKE my Page without going there. […]

  • Book Trailers: On Facebook and About Aesthetics

    Want to put YouTube videos on your Facebook? ReelSeo has a couple tutorials for you: How to Add a Video to Your Facebook Welcome Page The Definitive List of Video Apps for Facebook Pages Book Trailers: Is It Budget or Aesthetics that Matters? On my sister-site,, I’m having a discussion with Melissa from YABookshelf […]

  • Does Social Media Sell Books? PR Notes

    Getting Your Book Noticed Should You Social Media? Yes! No! As authors, we want to know if all this effort on FaceBook and Fan Pages and Tweets and all the other social media helps or not! Here’s a sideways answer. In a December 2010 survey of major retailers sites, 10,000 shoppers surveyed reported being influenced […]

  • Promotion Wednesday: Funky Ducks Newsletter

    Critiques lead to Zine Guest post by Anne Marie Pace The members of our critique group, The Funky Ducklings, had known each other online for years, but July, 2008, was the first time most of us were able to meet in real-life. After a year of planning, we finally came together with some other writer […]

  • Secrets of Facebook: PR Notes

    Help! I Can’t Find Any Help on Facebook Of course, you know by now that for author promotion, you should be on Facebook. But frankly, I find it to be confusing. Yes, I easily figured out how to sign on and create an account. I figured out how to upload pictures and how to post […]