I Am an Author: Random Acts of Publicity

Welcome to the 4th Annual Random Acts of Publicity, where we spend a week talking about a friend’s book or a favorite book.

Question: What is the Random Acts of Publicity thing all about? Here’s a story to help explain it.

I am an author and more than anything, I want a blockbuster book. I work hard. I read books about writing better. I write every day, revising and revising and working to improve plot, characters, setting, and voice. I take risks in my writing and really, I know that some of it is really great stuff. I participate in critique groups and help others to get their books published and still, I am always the bridesmaid, never the bride. Or, wait, I do have a book coming out, but it’s with a small company and I don’t know if it will get noticed in “today’s crowded market”; or once, I signed a contract with a publisher who went bankrupt and it took me forever to get my rights back; and once, the publisher said they would send me a contract, but after six months of waiting, they backed out. I am a typical author, just trying to write a story that readers will love.

I want my books reviewed and praised well. Can you help me?
No, you can’t.
I can only help myself by changing my attitude.
I am looking at myself too long and too hard.
Let me lift up my eyes and look around. Look at someone else for a change.

Oh, there’s dozens of other writers who are working hard, just like me!

You just want your book reviewed and praised? You just want to connect with readers, too?
Well, sure, let me read your book.

Wow, this is a good read!

Let me tell someone about this book. I can’t wait to tell CM about this one!

That is what Random Acts of Publicity is all about. Lift up your eyes and look around. Read a great book. BLLuRT (Blog, LIKE, Link, Review, Talk about a great book.) Tell someone about that great read–and report what you’ve done on the Facebook page.

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