Win Marketing Consult for a Friend: Random Acts of Publicity

Win a Marketing Consult for Your Friend!

A good friend can be your best cheerleader. During Random Acts of Publicity Week, you have the chance to win a special gift for your friend – a marketing consult about their book with Susan Raab, President of Raab Associates, To qualify, please interview your friend and provide the answers to these branding questions.

As your friend thinks about their work in the context of the market, help them to determine what can differentiate them from other authors. At first glance, it may not seem like there’s anything so unique, but clearly their publisher saw something of particular value, and your friend felt s/he had something important to say. That’s why s/he wrote the book in the first place.

Ask your friend to think about their original objectives, their expertise, and their body of work as a whole. How would they like to be viewed in the marketplace – for their expertise, sense of humor, unique way of presenting the topic or story, or for something else?

Then consider the best ways to showcase that across various platforms – on their website and Facebook page; in the tone they use for their Twitter and email communications; and throughout the interviews and appearances they do. The more your friend, and their agent, publisher, publicist, and everyone involved are in concert with the marketing presentation and focus, the more effective they will be.

10 Marketing Consults: Enter Your Friend Today

Questions to help your Friend answer. You must email the answers to by midnight on Thursday, September 6. Winners will be notified by Susan Raab; all decisions are final. Put RANDOM ACTS OF PUBLICITY in the subject line. Include your friend’s name, email address, website, and the title of their most recent or forthcoming book.

  1. What’s your elevator pitch (quick, catchy description of your book & why it should matter to me)?
  2. Who would be your ideal media interviewer and why?
  3. If I were that person, what 3 things could you say to me to make me want to get you on my show or featured in my publication or site?
  4. Is there an interesting back story to your book and/or your writing career that might be of particular interest to the press?
  5. How good is your online and social media presence, and what could you do to make it better?

And since we are talking books, if you don’t win one of the marketing consults, don’t worry. Susan also shares her wisdom in her book, An Author’s Guide to Children’s Book Marketing, 11th edition.

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  1. Darcy…I did a blog post tonight for a friend who has a debut picture book just out…and posted the link on the Random Acts of Publicity Facebook page…also on the 12×12 Facebook page (over 400 picture book authors committed to writing a picture book draft every month). But I am flying to NH tomorrow morning to watch my 4 year old grandson and probably won’t be able to get in touch with Clara (the author) to answer the questions above. But I’m happy I did the review…and I appreciate your great tips on how to spread the word about one’s book. :)

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