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  • Oliver in Europe with Triplets

    Halversons Take Oliver to Portugal, Spain, France and London, England One of the nicest things about working on the Oliver K. Woodman books were my editors at Harcourt. They were smart, efficient and experts in making a picture book’s text and images come together. Deborah Halverson did most of the editing work on Searching for […]

  • Olivers Travels

    You saw it here first! Oliver has a new website and he’s having lots of fun this summer! Geotagging: A Social App for Geography Fun Our knowledge of geography is becoming more sophisticated: If you own a smart phone, like the Apple iPhone 3G or some Blackberrys, the phone will automatically adds geotags – location […]

  • Mapping Oliver

    Revision Notes will be on Spring Break for the next two weeks, with maybe one or two posts in there. In this post, I’m just catching up on some personal things. Successful Lesson Plans for Picture Books Lesson Plans for Darcy Pattison’s picture books are available as a free pdf download. Included are over 100 […]

  • Oliver K. Woodman Needs Your Help

    To celebrate the paperback edition, I have created a new group on,( the photo sharing website, that will help teachers use the book more effectively in the classroom.

  • UTube Video of Picture book

    There is such unexpected power and exhilaration about seeing any child taking so much joy from a book. It never grows old.

  • Books to Bridge the Region

    I just got back from a fabulous trip to Indiana, where I participated in the Books to Bridge the Region program, which encourage everyone in the seven-county, northwest Indiana region to read one of three books on the topic of a journey or a quest. This year, they featured my book, The Journey of Oliver […]