Oliver in Europe with Triplets


Halversons Take Oliver to Portugal, Spain, France and London, England

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One of the nicest things about working on the Oliver K. Woodman books were my editors at Harcourt. They were smart, efficient and experts in making a picture book’s text and images come together.

Deborah Halverson did most of the editing work on Searching for Oliver K. Woodman. Then — well, her life took an interesting turn: she had triplets. Yes, three sons.

Add to that, she sold two YA novels of her own!
Add to that, she decided to stay home with her sons and enjoy them and write.
Add to that, her DH decided to do a year as an exchange teacher in England.

And you get her fascinating blog about the “Thrills, Chills and Spills of Being a Triplet Mom and Writer. . .” The stay in England has been fascinating to watch through her eyes and through the antics of her boys.

Deborah was kind enough to take Oliver on their recent family trip to Portugal, Spain, France and London. They have posted some photos on Deborah’s blog and uploaded the rest to the Oliver K. Woodman Map Project.

By the way, she also does freelance editing – when the triplets are asleep – so check out her website. Read her books. Read her blog!

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