Mapping Oliver

Revision Notes will be on Spring Break for the next two weeks, with maybe one or two posts in there. In this post, I’m just catching up on some personal things.

Successful Lesson Plans for Picture Books

Lesson Plans for Darcy Pattison’s picture books are available as a free pdf download. Included are over 100 activities for language arts, math, social studies, and art. To date, there have been 873 downloads! Happy reading!

Oliver K. Woodman on Flickr

The Journey of Oliver K. Woodman is coming out in paperback in May. To help celebrate, I’m asking friends to help me launch a Flickr site for Oliver. Why Flickr? Because they have an interactive map! Oliver is often used in schools to teach geography and the map is a perfect tool for that.

Here’s how you can help me out:

  • Please download the Lesson Plans above and make an Oliver (and his friend Imogene, if you have time).
  • Take a digital photograph of yourself with Oliver. If you can include in the photo something unique about your area, that would be great. Terrie from Florida took her picture at the beach. Karen from Arizona took her picture in front of a huge cactus (Thanks, y’all!)
  • Join the Oliver K. Woodman Flickr group at
  • Upload the picture and geo tag it. The easiest way to do that is to simply drag and drop the photo onto the map. MAP should be one of the navigation options at the top.

Thanks, friends! I owe you one.

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