Oliver K. Woodman Needs Your Help

Coming in May: The Journey of Oliver K. Woodman in Paperback

Dear Friends of Oliver & Imogene:

Shhh. It’s a surprise! To celebrate the paperback edition of Oliver’s story, I have created a new group on Flickr.com,(http://www.flickr.com/groups/oliverkwoodman/) the photo sharing website, that will help teachers use the book more effectively in the classroom.

The point is for schools, teachers, and families around the US to post pictures of Oliver or Imogene in their towns. Teachers will then have an interactive map with photos from around the United States and the world!

Only two requirements: Each photo must be Geotagged, so it will show up on the Group Map. And if you post a student’s picture, you must have parental permission.

The official rollout of the website will be May 1. Before the party begins, I’d like to have some photos already included on the site.

How YOU Can Help

  1. Join the Oliver K. Woodman Flickr Group.
  2. If you have photos of Oliver or Imogene, then upload and geo-tag your photos! Even one photo from your town will add to the fun. Instructions for uploading and geotagging are available on the website when you join. But rest assured: it’s simple!
  3. Ask one other teacher, librarian or family member to join, too. Forward this posting to a friend.
  4. Visit the Flickr site on May 1 to see where Oliver & Imogene have traveled.


P.S. Please forward this posting to just one other person. Even one more person adding one photo from a different location will help make a difference for Oliver.

P.P.S. Or Stumbleupon this posting to help others find the fun!

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