UTube Video of Picture book

My picture book, 19 Girls and Me has been translated into German, Arabic and Chinese. Now, intellectually, you know that a foreign translation means kids from another country will be reading your book. But in this YouTube video, “HeiHei “, you can clearly see the illustrations and it’s My Book, in Chinese (Taiwanese) — just posted in December and discovered when updating my website. HeiHei is so excited to be telling the story to his parents and the parents are so happy, involved with their son and proud of him. It’s stunning to see so much joy surrounding a picture book.

There is such unexpected power and exhilaration about seeing any child taking so much joy from a book. It never grows old.


Watch the Video

  • On my website at Picture Book Popular World Wide http://www.darcypattison.com/books/19-girls-and-me/picture-book-popular-world-wide/
  • Or see the video on YouTube: HeiHei video

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