When is Your Draft Finished?


I participate in a local critique group and the question came up this time. When is a draft finished?

Stop Nitpicking that Mss: Send it Out

finishThe writer had made major changes: developed the main character, clarified the actions and deepened the emotions. But when we went around, everyone wanted slightly different changes. No one agreed.

In this case, my advice was for the author to make the changes she felt were right for the story she wanted to tell. Then, don’t bring it back again to the group. It’s written well, and it’s her choice. None of the nit-picky things we were suggesting. At this point, it’s the author’s choices that matter. And later, an editor’s choices that will matter. She’s done.

Could the story be changed? Endlessly.
To what purpose? None.
Send it out.

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  • Kristin Wolden Nitz
    January 19, 2011

    Oooh. I love the last three lines of your post. It’s true that at a certain point, it’s just time to get a project out there. This is especially true when there’s no concensus.