Snow, Bugs & Writing

Snow in Arkansas? Everything shuts down!
Stomach bug? I shut down!

SNOWMANBut does the writing ever shut down? Today, we’re expecting an inch of snow. Now, you northerners will laugh, but here in the mid-South, that’s serious stuff and we stay home. Really.

That means today, I have to:

  • Go to the grocery store and try to beat the rush. (We’re low on everything because I’ve been sick, so I HAVE to go. Of course.)
  • Do some necessary shopping for the family before the snow hits.
  • Try to keep my stomach calm after a week of a bug.
  • Write. I’m working on a new character and trying to find time in the midst of a full life to actually sit and dream and plan and think and get to know this fella. I usually have a stretch of several hours at a time to do something like this, so I’m frustrated that it’s not happening easily this time. But still: writers write. Sick, or in the midst of a full life, or midst of a blizzard (OK, so I exaggerate)–our minds never stop writing.

Today, I will:

  • As I walk through the store doing the family shopping, I’ll watch everyone and steal someone’s clothing for my character.
  • As I walk through the grocery store, I’ll think about my character’s favorite foods.
  • As I drive through slippery streets, I’ll think about where my character lives and how he would get along during a snow storm.

Today, in the midst of a very full and wonderful life, I’ll be planning a second life, a character that I can put on paper when I get another those wonderful stretches of a couple hours to physically write.

May you be healthy and imaginative today!

3 responses to “Snow, Bugs & Writing”

  1. Darcy,
    Do feel better soon! We just shoveled our 9 inches of snow. It sure is pretty here which is a good thing because it hasn’t stopped. Good luck developing your characters. I’ll be trying to do some rewriting while the short people are busy.

  2. I have had the stomach bug too! It’s like life has stopped. Then I went to the doctor the stomach bug and caught the flu…so life super duper double stopped.

    Hope you feel better and that the store has plenty of saltine crackers for the weak-stomached.

  3. Hope you feel better soon. Thanks for reminding me there are innovative ways to let your imagination loose. Not thought about a grocery store. (Hugs)Indigo