5 Good Reasons NOT to revise

Since the Nebraska retreat a couple months ago, the writers keep track of each other on an email list and S wrote recently to say revisions aren’t happening. That’s OK.

Good reasons NOT to revise

  • Surgery. S reports a bout of illness, followed by surgery, a relapse and difficult recovery. THAT is a great reason not to revise. S reports lots of thinking about the story, though.
  • Flooding. S also reports on Iowa and the towns of his childhood. Here’s an eleven-second look at flooding in Decorah, Iowa. It’s just the tip of the iceberg! Read more on Dori’s journal here and here.
  • Vacation. I don’t get a vacation for two more weeks, so I have to keep working for two more weeks. Where have YOU gone on vacaction?
  • Celebration. Janni is celebrating the arrival of the ARCs of Bones of Faerie (GREAT cover!).
  • Contract. Meanwhile, LIndsey Leavitt is celebrating a three book deal with Hyperion. OK. You can take off a few days to celebrate!
  • That’s it. If you can’t claim surgery, flooding, vacation, a celebration or a contract — get to work!

    Coming in August: 30 Days to a Stronger Picturebook

    2 responses to “5 Good Reasons NOT to revise”

    1. Thanks, Darcy!
      You know what’s funny? I used all your archives to revise! I ordered NOVEL METAMORPHIS from Amazon, but it didn’t come in time for my agent/self-imposed deadline. So I will be filling that beauty up in a month or so.
      But now? Yes, now I am simply enjoying the moment.