3 Ways to Spice Up a Boring Character

Rethinking the characters in your novels? Spice them up by focusing on three elements of characterization!

3 easy ways to spice up a boring character:

  • Job/Role: First, define the character’s job or role. Are they a sister, aunt, go-getter, sluggard? Does your character make equipment for astronauts or teach high school biology? Choose a different role and add a unique job and YOUR UNIQUE job of playing God is halfway there.
  • Weird Thing: Second, add a weird characteristic. The character only wears blue, plays accordian, eats bacon at every meal, plays Bridge every Tuesday night at 9 pm, loves to play cello. Weird here doesn’t mean weird as in a weirdo, but just anything unique, different, interesting. Give your character something that makes them noticeable! Use the things you like or the things you hate. Just make it unique.
  • Fears/Wants: Last, characters need to either want something or fear something. Of course, this will tie into the plot line because whatever s/he wants, s/he can’t have; whatever s/he fears, s/he must face. The addition of this element lifts the story from a physical adventure toward a character-oriented story.

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