How to Write a Rhyming Picture Book


How to Write a Rhyming Picture Book

First, don’t. Really. Unless you must write the story as a rhyming, poetic text, don’t do it.

OK, there are some of you who won’t listen. Then, you must set the bar for yourself very, very high. Rhymed, poetic picture book texts sell all the time, but bad rhyming text is one of editors most consistent complaints.

For this topic, I won’t rewrite the masters, but send you instead to read them directly.

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  • Dori Chaconas
    September 5, 2008

    Thank you, Darcy! I’m so totally honored to be mentioned in your blog!


  • Margot Finke
    October 12, 2008

    Darcy, I just discovered you mentioned me in your Blog. To be linked in rhyme to the great Dori Chaconas is praise indeed, mate. Thanks a bunch.

    Margot Finke –
    “Rattlesnake Jam”
    + seven more rhyming PBs!
    Fun and educational too.