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  • Quoted at the Conference

    Many speakers used quotes in their presentations or made memorable statements. Here’s my collection of quotes from the conference: About True Love: “It’s great when a publisher loves my work, but a contract is better; a contract is True Love.” Jarrett J. Krosocka, picture book and graphic novel author and illustrator. Humorous Take on True […]

  • Meeting with Editors

    Why should you take the time and spend the money to attend the NYC SCBWI Midwinter conference? Because it’s worth it! Reports from the NYC – SCBWI Midwinter 2009 Conference The conference changed venues to the Grand Hyatt, which is literally next door to Grand Central terminal. This made transportation simple: a shuttle bus for […]

  • 4 Ways Weather Affects Your Story

    At my house, we’re iced in today, with schools closed for the weather. How Does the Weather Affect Your Story? Have you ever included a snow or ice day in your story? Does your character sweat through a scorching day while mowing the lawn? If not, you’re missing a great chance to include sensory details […]

  • 4 Files to Prevent Mistakes

    Use the power of your word processor to help you keep track of details while writing a novel. You’ll have fewer mistakes Have you ever forgetten the color of a character’s eyes? Keep a Character Bible: create a file in which you keep descriptions of each character. This is much easier than hunting through a […]

  • 5 Writing Tasks for Off Days

    Ever have one of those off days? You don’t sleep and wake up grouchy. You’re half sick but not really sick enough to call it a sick day. You are just disgruntled and don’t know why. 5 Things to do on Off-Days On those awful days, there are still tasks you can do to be […]

  • Don’t Avoid the Emotion

    I’m near the end of this draft of my novel and I’m reluctant to face the last few chapters. Why? Too much emotion! You must write the emotional ending It’s not fair to the reader to have his/her turn the page and read. “I woke up the next morning and thought about what happened last […]