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  • Rhyming Dictionaries

    Yesterday, I was working on a picture book with rhyme in it. Now, I have two great rhyming dictionaries that I use. Yes, two. Because they are organized differently and provide slightly different answers. In addition, I use Rhymer.com, because again, it’s organized slightly different and has slightly different answers. But my dictionaries are old […]

  • 12 Books to Help Writers Move to the Next Stage

    Children’s book writer Katherine Paterson, author of Bridge to Terabithia, once wrote that she had finished a draft of a novel and dramatically announced to her husband that the draft was awful and she was quitting. He calmly said, “Oh, you’re at that stage.” Yes, there are Stages of Writing that we go through. Recently, […]

  • Best 9 Tips on Plotting a Novel in Verse: Advice from Caroline Starr Rose

  • A Trip to Roswell

    A small digression today for a poem. When the ride becomes suddenly bumpy I say, “Is that the road?” In a construction zone, traveling on the inside lane, cut off from the outside lane by metal poles– it isn’t the road. We Thump, Thump, Thump Until– Barrels. And an empty lane. I pull off, get […]

  • How to Write a Poetry Collection Picture Book

    Poetry Collections make great picture books. Write a Collection of Poetry on a Specific Topic Poetry collections make great children’s picture books. The most common type of poetry collection seen in picture books is 15-30 poems on a single, specific topic. This slots the book into a category for use in the classroom, as well […]

  • How to Write a Rhyming Picture Book

    How to Write a Rhyming Picture Book First, don’t. Really. Unless you must write the story as a rhyming, poetic text, don’t do it. OK, there are some of you who won’t listen. Then, you must set the bar for yourself very, very high. Rhymed, poetic picture book texts sell all the time, but bad […]