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This is a combination of two things: a list of popular posts in 2015 and a request for help. For the past two years you’ve been kind enough to nominate Fiction Notes as a Top 10 Blog for Writers. I’m asking if you’d be kind enough to do it for 2016., who sponsors the contest has new rules for 2015 – please read carefully.

To Nominate your favorite writing blog, you need to do 3 things in the comments section of this post:

Nominate only one blog post from your favorite writing blog. If you nominate more than one blog post, even in different comments, only your first vote will be counted.
Specify the correct web address of the blog post you’ve nominated.
Give reasons why you believe the blog post you’ve nominated should win this year’s award.
If your comment does not fulfill these criteria, your nomination will be invalid.

Only posts from writing blogs will be considered.
The blog post you nominate should have been first published in 2015.
You nominate a specific blog post, and that blog becomes a candidate for the Top 10 Blogs for Writers 2015/2016.

Nominations must be received by 24th December, 2015.

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So, it’s a bit different because you must nominate with a specific blog post, not just the overall blog itself! And the blog posts must have been written in 2015. I hope this list of top 10 blog posts from 2015 will help – the URL is provided for your convenience, too.

Top 10 Fiction Notes Blog posts feature marketing, characters, and revision. |
TOP 10 Blog Posts for 2015 include topics of marketing, characters, and revision

Top 10 Fiction Notes Posts for 2015

  1. Top 20 Picture Book Agents – 234 Sales in Last 12 Months –
  2. Top 20 YA Agents – 72 Deals in Last 12 Months –
  3. Top 20 Middle Grade Agents – 129 Sales in Last 12 Months –
  4. Find Your Novel’s Opening: Quickly, Efficiently – and with MORE Creativity –
  5. Don’t Write a Damsel-in-Distress OR a Modern Super-Woman: Be Original –
  6. 10% of My Traffic Comes From Pinterest: Expand Your Author Platform –
  7. Openings: 5 Ways Openings Go Wrong –
  8. What’s in Your Writer’s Bag of Tricks? Putting the Writing Process in Context –
  9. Is My Story Good or Bad? Wrong Question -
  10. Author Website – Getting Started

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Thanks! It’s been a pleasure to talk with you this year!