REvising Novel Metamorphosis

novel metamorphosis by darcy pattison
Novel Revision Retreat in a Book
One project for this summer is to revise Novel Metamorphosis: Uncommon Ways to Revise. It’s the workbook for my Novel Revision Retreat and it’s also a “retreat in a book.”

This year, there are four debut novels coming out of the retreats and three so far for 2012. (BTW, I”m booking retreats now for 2012, email for details at darcy at darcypattison dot com.)

One reason to revise the workbook is that I’ve slowly added sessions to the retreat, especially a session on Scenes. I’ve written a series, 30 Days to a Stronger Scene and I see what a difference this attention to the details of creating a scene can make. I want to add some practical activities to the workbook on creating scenes.

I’ll also update the bibliography with new reference books. Any suggestions?

What else? What would you like to see in the revised version? What novel writing tasks would you like to have dissected, made visual, explained, doled out in parcels easy enough to understand and DO? I’d love your suggestions on how to make this the most practical and helpful workbook ever. Thanks for chiming in!

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