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  1. These are fantastic … and perfect for young children. May I have your permission to use this idea in my next writing workshop (with full credit, of course)? I will use some other children’s songs as well.

    I only just discovered your blog because you had given a retreat at our local SCBWI in Oct. I heard wonderful things, alas, I never applied because I was working on a new book, which I still haven’t finished. Sigh. I was one of those folks who voted for how to write and finish a first draft of a novel without getting all tangled up. I am primarily a short story and nonfiction writer, so I’m looking forward to reading your blog regularly.

    I’ve been browsing your archives and find them very, very useful. Thank you so much.

    Merry Christmas.

  2. Hi there and Happy New Year! I am planning to have my 4th-grade students write their own story about how Frosty came to life and your suggestions here will help me guide them through the process. Thank you for your tips.

    Dionne Lipscomb
    Addison Elementary School
    Marietta, GA 30066

  3. Jack Rollins (the author of Frosty the Snowman) was my great uncle – he would be delighted, I think, that you have gleaned so much great writing advice from his song!

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