Tie up loose ends

Tie up Loose Ends

This is part of a series, 30 Days to A Stronger Novel

I just finished reading a fantasy novel that left half of the subplots hanging. Yes, yes, I know. They are setting up for a second book. But it’s aggravating.

Look over your novel once more. Are there any subplots left unresolved? Are there any questions about the characters that you brought up, but didn’t answer?

I’m not saying that you have to totally solve everything for a character. Sometimes, a change comes in the character’s attitude, and while the situation is still unresolved, the reader understands that the new attitude will carry the character through the coming days. That’s fine.

But I do want to know if Uncle Joe proposed to Margie. I want to know if Kate’s horse pulled up lame, or if she won that race. I want to know if Lucas passed that algebra test about graphing quadratic equations.

Play fair. Answer questions you set up, but don’t be afraid to leave difficult situations for the protagonist to face with his renewed hope.

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