The Oldest Mother in the World Wins Book Award

Wisdom, the Midway Albatross, the subject of my 2012 picture book has returned to Midway Island and laid a new egg. She was banded by Chandler Robbins on December 10, 1956 while sitting on an egg and presumed to be a minimum of five years old. That makes her at least 62 years old–and she’s going to be a new momma. Wow!

Wisdom and her mate prepare to begin their first shift of incubation, Photo credit: Pete Leary, USFWS

More from Pete Leary, the wildlife biologist on Midway.

Wisdom, the Midway Albatross by Darcy Pattison
We also have exciting news about the book: it is the winner of the 20th Annual 2013 Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards, in the children’s picture book category. Among other prizes is a $1000 cash award. Winners will be officially announced in the February issue of Writer’s Digest magazine.

Read more about alternate publishing. Read more about how to write a children’s picture book.

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  1. That story warms my heart and is a wonderful way to start 2013! Congrats on the award and best wishes for your success — and Midway’s too! :-D

  2. Thanks, everyone. It was a surprise to win this book award, but very nice–especially since it’s such an amazing story that deserves an audience.


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