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Yesterday, I was working on a picture book with rhyme in it. Now, I have two great rhyming dictionaries that I use. Yes, two. Because they are organized differently and provide slightly different answers. In addition, I use Rhymer.com, because again, it’s organized slightly different and has slightly different answers.

But my dictionaries are old and literally falling apart.
I need suggestions and recommendations. I am thinking that I want an ebook version so I can use the search function; that means it will need to be a recent publication date.

What rhyming dictionary would you recommend and why?

Did you know that there’s a Hip Hop Rhyming Dictionary? Crazy!
And lots for song writers.


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  1. Hi Darcy,

    Please, try out http://www.rhymedesk.com, I like it because it offers widest selection of near rhymes and you can also type your texts in the same page. If you are writing poem or song, syllable counter might come in handy as well.


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