Who Attends National Conference


Who attends a national conference of writers?


Executive Director of the SCBWI, Lin Oliver, always starts the conference with jokes and then gives a demographics report.

  • This year the conference was attended by 1056 people; 890 women, 166 men. Which, of course, meant that on the ballroom floor, all bathrooms were converted to a Women’s Bathroom. Sorry, guys.
  • 15 countries and 46 states were represented.
  • Over 50% had never attended a national conference before
  • Over 50% of attendees were published
  • Attendees listed many professions. One of the most interesting was a person who listed about ten jobs, including vampire hunter. “But,” Lin quipped, “I guess that’s just the night work.”

Random Comments Heard Around the Conference

Before I get to the reports on individual editors and speakers, I’ll just list some of the random comments I heard and recorded:

  • Interesting name. Did you know you’re named after a famous New York City theater?
  • It’s all so subjective.
  • In an industry that is over 80% women, why were all the keynote speakers men?
  • Hotel is fine. No problem getting a hot shower.
  • Speaker 1: When you’re old, the first thing you size up about a meeting room is how much can you see, so how close do you have to sit.
    Speaker 2: Well, yes, that. And how close to the exit I am so I can get out for the bathrooms.
  • Speaker 1: Do you have your business cards with you?
    Speaker 2: Well, I know just where they are.

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