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  • Meet Editor Karl Jones and Agent Dawn Frederick

    It started innocently enough. When Scholastic editor Nick Eliolpos spoke at a local conference, he talked about his love of Spiderman. So, I dubbed him the Peter Parker of children’s literature. And now, it’s a tradition that speakers at our conference must be tagged with a popular super-hero or super-character. Read about these figures in […]

  • Top 4 Tips for Conference Presentations

    When an author is invited to speak at a conference–Reading Association, National Council of Teachers of English, Science Teacher’s Association, School Librarians Association, etc–it’s a great opportunity to connect with an audience who is already inclined to like your books. You need to be ready to maximize your efforts at such a speaking engagement. Do […]

  • Marketing for Professional Writers Intensive Debuts at 2012 SCBWI Winter Conference

    Where will you be on January 27, 2012? I’ll be in New York City, hoping that the weather is warm! MARKETING FOR PROFESSIONAL WRITERS INTENSIVE DEBUTS AT THE 2012 SCBWI WINTER CONFERENCE Registration opens today for the 13th Annual Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators International Conference. SCBWI will hold its first Marketing for […]

  • See you in New Orleans!

    Are you attending the American Library Association in New Orleans, LA this summer? I’m going! I’m speaking! In an exciting group effort, I’ve joined with nine other non-fiction authors to propose a session, NON-FICTION BOOKBLAST! Here’s what we’ve done so far: Formed a group. Once the session was proposed on a mailing list of non-fiction […]

  • 4 Tips on Promoting to Educators

    Put your Book in Educator’s Classrooms A friend and I recently sat down with two librarians to talk about what they like to hear in presentations. Their needs were different: one teaches in an elementary school and one in a high school. Yet, they agreed on several things. Educators are one market for most authors […]

  • 3 Keys to a Successful School Visit

    I just finished a great school visit. Driving home, I realized there were some keys to making it great. Communication. It’s essential to communicate with the venue effectively right from the first contact through the actual event. I try to respond within 24 hours to requests for