Photo Prompt: Think Like a Writer


Here’s another creative writing prompt for your 750 words, a challenge to write 750 words each day to better Think Like a Writer. Read more here.

For 750words today, your creative writing prompt is to take a picture, or find an interesting picture, and write about it in some way.

Sipping Tea in Urumqi, China

  • Does it evoke an emotion? Write about that, even if you change the subject matter.
  • Does it look like a great setting for your story?
    Describe it in detail (using the obligatory sensory details, of course–they are the first and most important exercise for fiction writers).
  • Does it have people in it? Imagine something about their lives based just on the photo and write a scene that includes dialogue.

Some writers like to find images of each of their characters and put them on a bulletin board to look at as they write.

Need to find some interesting photo? Try looking at and put in a random word to see what you find. Here’s some ideas: fight, kiss, angry, sword fight, stomping. In other words, put in words that evoke some sort of conflict, because without conflict, you don’t have a story.

Choose your photo well! Think like a writer and go for conflict!

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  • Donna Martin
    January 12, 2012

    Darcy, what a wonderful picture prompt! I immediately started running through all sorts of scenarios to cover what this gentleman might be doing! I also wanted to let you know I gave a shout out to your blog in my post today ( as one of my blogs I follow every day…;0)

  • Sophia Chang
    January 15, 2012

    Okay this is really freaky b/c I’m currently reading a book set in Urumqi and I’m writing a novel loosely set in the area so when I saw the photo I instantly connected with it – and then I saw where it was taken. Chills.

  • Darcy Pattison
    January 15, 2012

    Oh, that is a coincidence! We were in Urumqi last summer for about 4 days. Very interesting place–we have tons of photos.