31 Jan

Think Like a Writer: TOC

We’re done! But I thought you might like a re-cap and a table of contents.

The 31-day Think Like a Writer series challenges writers to write at least 750 words each and every day for a month. I used the website 750words.org, but you can do it with pencil and paper or on your computer. These creative writing prompts are meant to be “morning pages” or practice in Thinking Like a Writer.


  1. Observe the world around you
  2. Observe Sensory Details
  3. Noses: Observe Characters
  4. Make Your Characters Move
  5. How to Create a Mood with Sensory Details
  6. Discover Your Passions
  7. Be Mean to Your Character
  8. How Old is Your Character?
  9. Subtext: What is this story really about?
  10. Write in Scenes
  11. Give Your Character Something to Hold
  12. Emotion from a Photo
  13. 3 Ways to Handle Time in a Novel
  14. Titles that Readers will Love
  15. Make an Image become a Symbol
  16. What what you are SCARED to write
  17. Everything is Worse and Worse
  18. Writers Need to Whine Sometimes
  19. Found Object Stories
  20. Set the Scene: Panorama
  21. Set the Scene: Zoom
  22. Set the Scene: Scan
  23. Omniscient POV
  24. 1st Person POV
  25. 3rd Person POV
  26. Different Perspectives for Different Audiences
  27. Before and After: Reveal Character
  28. Secrets and Letters
  29. The Other Side of the Story
  30. Unlovable Characters

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