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Here’s another creative writing prompt for your 750 words, a challenge to write 750 words each day to better Think Like a Writer. Read more here.

Have you signed up for yet? Or will you try doing 750 words on paper? I’ve just completed my 36th day of doing 750 words!

If the first task of Think Like a Writer is to observe the world around you, the task of the fiction writer or the novelist, is to create, then observe the world of the story. The exercise is the same, but this time you draw upon imagination. What does your character see, hear, taste, touch, feel as s/he moves around in his/her world?

As a writer you can create this purely from imagination, or you can draw upon observations about places you’ve visited. For example, I spotted this praying mantis on the Great Wall of China.

Thinking like a writer means to notice the small things like this, because often, it is the smallest details that make a story come to life. Yes, I observed the usual things while climbing the Wall, but the praying mantis is one of the special things I remember.

Details of Your Story’s Setting

Today, think like a writer and create the sensory environment of your story. Like yesterday, write out what the characters See, Hear, Feel, Taste, and Touch. Then write a paragraph using those details; don’t feel like you have to use every detail you wrote, just select the ones that work; add anything else that occurs.

Does the story come alive better now?
What writing exercises or prompts do you use to make a setting fresher and more alive?

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  1. You convinced me. :) I was looking for a place to practice my scales so when I read your first post I thought 750words was the perfect fit. Just made my first 3 days.

    Thank you. I’ll be stopping by to pick up a prompt too. All three days I’ve used your see, hear, touch, feel, taste prompt and they helped get me started. Really appreciate it.

  2. Glad they helped! It is helping ME, too to be organized. So you have a Turkey! The Penguin is coming soon!


  3. This post was very informative. What I learned from this, I hope to make my own writing more fluid and organic. Every time I write, I want this piece to be that much better than the last.

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