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  • Facing a Critique or Editorial Letter: 2 Destructive Attitudes

    And a 3rd Attitude that Helps This week, I will be receiving a series of feedback letters from friends about a manuscript. Whether these are editorial letters or critiques from friends, it doesn’t matter, there are two destructive attitudes and a third attitude that has potential to smooth over the process. (And 10 Ways to […]

  • Revision Attitude

    Yesterday, I started brainstorming on revisions for a picture book. I got some editorial feedback in February when I saw the editor in NYC. But it’s been hard to approach this revision because when we talked, I disagreed with much of what the editor said. Cooling Off Period Helps Me See Editor’s Wisdom So, I […]

  • Joni Sensel

    Guest blogger, Joni Sensel writes about cutting her story so much that two books became one. I read an ARC of this new book and loved it — the novel revisions worked! Why Cut Out Important Parts of a Novel? Originally I thought my new middle-grade adventure, THE FARWALKER’S QUEST, would be two books of […]

  • Revision: Understanding critiques

    I seem to be thinking a lot about critiques these days, probably because I’m getting critiques from a couple different sources. The Strengths and Weaknesses of a Critiquers In critique groups, I find that writers/readers have different styles of critiquing. Grammar Witches: This person always finds the punctuation, spelling, and grammar mistakes; I’m grateful for […]