Revision Attitude


Yesterday, I started brainstorming on revisions for a picture book. I got some editorial feedback in February when I saw the editor in NYC. But it’s been hard to approach this revision because when we talked, I disagreed with much of what the editor said.

Cooling Off Period Helps Me See Editor’s Wisdom

So, I put it aside for a while and when I went back with a more objective look, I could at least understand the editor’s position. That’s a good starting place. So, I opened the file, made a minor change and then saved it with a new title, “MssForThisEditor.” This way, I keep the original story intact and label this version as revised just to address one editor’s concerns.

Then, I attempted to throw away all my preconceived notions of what this story was and where it could and should go. I started jotting ideas, objections, words, imagery, rants against the suggested changes, rants against the rants, and generally preparing myself mentally to revise. I allowed a couple hours for this, then moved to a different task.

This morning, My Subconscious told me that it had been working on the problem overnight and had some ideas. Well. That was a surprise.

Good. My Conscious still likes the original better, but I’ll let ol’ Sub work a while today and see what happens.

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  • Andrea
    April 23, 2009

    Hi Darcy,
    Just wanted you to know that Revision Notes is sooo very helpful! My mind CAN create when using your suggestions and writing exercises…and I’m encouraged to keep going, …pushing my way through the “walls” — I just finished revising my picture book and am ready to send it out! I’m also using Paper Lightning in my classroom. Thank you for reaching out to me,
    Thank you sooo very much,
    A Loyal Reader!