Print, Re-Read, Repeat: Iterations of Revision


Revisions are a circle. I print out a manuscript and read it while marking up edits and revisions. I go back to the computer and make corrections and changes. Then Print, Re-Read, Repeat.

The number of iterations depends on where I started and where I want to go, but the process remains the same. I am trying to match up what is in my head and what is on paper. If someone else reads it, I am trying to match up what is in my head, through the medium of words on paper, and put that exact image/story/whatever in someone else’s head–exactly. I try not to leave anything JUST in my head. It’s got to be on paper and in the reader’s head.

Revision–it’s a head thing. I’m doing it today. Are you?

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  • SueBE
    September 27, 2012

    I have a 22 item bundle due tomorrow. I’ve got two more activities to finish so I will be rewriting and taking new photos for a spread that didn’t work out. Write, rewrite and then rewrite again. Its what I do!

  • KC Frantzen
    September 29, 2012

    Some one said there are no great writers but there are some great re-writers!
    That is my aspiration!