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  • Messages, Morals and Lessons in Picture Books

    A reader asks, “I’m wondering if there is an objective way of measuring didacticism in an PB manuscript.”

  • Voice for Picture Books

    Voice is important, whether you’re writing a novel or a picture book. One question that often arises is, “Can you revise for voice?” Yes. Here’s an example of how it worked for me.

  • How to Create a Read Aloud Friendly Picture Book

    One of the most important things to keep in mind when revising a picture book is that it needs to be easy to read aloud. Usually picture books are read to kids by adults. If you have to read the same thing over and over and over — and over again, then you learn to appreciate a smoothly written and fun text.

  • How to Write a Poetry Collection Picture Book

    Poetry Collections make great picture books. Write a Collection of Poetry on a Specific Topic Poetry collections make great children’s picture books. The most common type of poetry collection seen in picture books is 15-30 poems on a single, specific topic. This slots the book into a category for use in the classroom, as well […]

  • Picture Books: Folk Tale or Modern Story?

    This post was originally published as “When Folktales Fail: Modernize Your Picture Book” Children’s Writer. December, 2005. Picture books: Folk Tale or Modern Story? Despite several sales of picture book manuscripts, I still receive many rejections. Why? That’s what I recently set out to learn. My search began with an article by Jill Paton Walsh, […]

  • How to Write a Rhyming Picture Book

    How to Write a Rhyming Picture Book First, don’t. Really. Unless you must write the story as a rhyming, poetic text, don’t do it. OK, there are some of you who won’t listen. Then, you must set the bar for yourself very, very high. Rhymed, poetic picture book texts sell all the time, but bad […]