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  • Rhyming picture books bibliography

    Rhyming Picture Book Bibliography If you’ve been around children’s literature long, you know that editors often say they don’t like rhyming books. What they really mean is they don’t like bad rhyme. Presented here is a bibliography of recent rhyming picture books. Study these as examples of successful books in this category. I’ve edited it […]

  • Voice Friday: Revising for Voice

    One question that often arises is, “Can you revise for voice?” Yes. First Revision of 19 Girls and Me For example, in an early draft of Nineteen Girls and Me, I revised for an editor and sent him a version that started like this: When John Hercules Po started kindergarten in Room 9B, it was […]

  • Friday Ideas

    This has been a difficult year in many ways with lots of family situations demanding attention. Add to that my DH’s hip replacement surgery last week, and my daughter’s upcoming wedding in June. I realized last fall that it would be hard for me to commit emotionally to a big project like a novel. So, […]

  • 2007 Wisconsin Picturebook Retreat

    by Darcy Pattison I was in Madison, Wisconsin this weekend for a Picturebook Retreat. You can see pictures here. We spent the weekend talking about and revising picturebooks: Imperative of the Unique: “Wonderful insistence on FRESH and UNIQUE.” Kathleen Petrella. Focus and structure: “Very useful. I’ll be working through all my stories using these techniques.” […]