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Random Acts of Publicity Week

Are you like me? I always promise myself that today I’ll write a review of my friends’ books and actually post them on Amazon or Library Thing or somewhere. But do I? No. That’s about to change!


I know how wonderful it is to see new reviews on Amazon of one of my books. I know that it’s better to give than to receive. This week, I vow to put these two things together and give friends some support for their books.

So, I’m declaring next week, September 7-11, as the RANDOM ACTS OF PUBLICITY WEEK, a week when you do something to promote a friend’s book, or to promote a recent book you’ve read. I’ll post an introduction on Monday, but because of the holiday we won’t get started with the ACTS until Tuesday.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Post your intent to join. In the comments here, post that you intend to join in the fun.
  2. Daily Acts of Publicity. Each day, do one Random Act of Publicity. You can choose to concentrate on one friend’s book; you can choose a different author/book each day; you can promote a book you like, even if you don’t know the author. Post a comment on that day’s suggested activities when you complete it.
  3. Daily suggestions. Each day, I’ll suggest an activity. I’ll try to add links and info, so you’ll learn a bit more about promotion or have access to new resources. Try to complete the activity that day. I’ve tried to include both off-line and on-line activities. Here’s the schedule:
    • Tuesday: Word of Mouth
    • Wednesday: Reviews
    • Thursday: Links
    • Friday: Social Media

Four days of promoting others’ books should be great fun.

Get started today on the Random Acts of Publicity Week:

  • Spread the word. Let others know about the Random Acts of Publicity Week. (Copy the banner if you want and post it on your site.)
  • Read or re-read books. Plan the books you want to promote. Have you been waiting for a good time to read your friend’s book? This is that good time. Check it out; buy it; read it by next Tuesday.

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  1. Dina:
    Do what you can! I know that if I do even one review for a friend, I’ll be happy!

  2. I’d love to join you, Darcy. I’m also spreading the word through my blog and to the SCBWI members in the California North/Central region where I’m co-Regional Advisor.

  3. What a genius idea, Darcey. I’ll try. I’m going to make a list of what I plan to-do today. I’ll be traveling during Random Acts of Publicity Week, but I expect to be “connected” – internet is everywhere!

  4. Thanks for the nudge, Darcy. I happen to have a book coming out September 8 – The Secret World of Walter Anderson – just in time for Random Acts of Publicity Week! Now I’m committed to paying it forward. Great idea to help each other – thanks!

  5. Already set it up. I’m reviewing books for the “Waging Peace” blog of the local newspaper the (Albany) Times-Union as well as the readergirlz Salon. Now I have to make my deadlines.

  6. I make a living at promoting author’s and illustrator’s books and I think this is a GREAT idea! Why don’t we use a hashtag of sorts on Twitter (maybe #RAP?) so we can see them all at any time? I love it that we’re all talking to each other about books more and more. It’s all good.

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